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Hey there! I'm Tia. I'm 18 years old, i've been roleplaying for two years and i love to help. I love giving opinions and shoutouts so feel free to ask. I'll try anything you throw at me so come fill up my inbox!

"That’s a lot of information to get in thirty seconds."

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CRAIG ROBERTS & ANEURIN BARNARD ⇝ Ethnicity: White ⇝ Suggested Age: 19
⇝ Ethnicity: Black ⇝ Suggested Age: 21
⇝ Ethnicity: White ⇝ Suggested Age: 18

KAYA SCODELARIO & NICHOLAS HOULT ⇝ Ethnicity: White ⇝ Suggested Age: 22
NAOMI SCOTT & AVAN JOGIA ⇝ Ethnicity: Half Gujarati Indian, Half White  ⇝  Suggested Age: 17
 ⇝ Ethnicity: Korean ⇝ 
Suggested Age: 24

CAITLIN STASEY & WILLA HOLLAND ⇝ Ethnicity: White ⇝ Suggested Age: 25
JESSICA STROUP & JENA MALONE ⇝ Ethnicity: White ⇝ 
Suggested Age: 28
 ⇝ Ethnicity: White ⇝ 
Suggested Age: 23

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MOODBOARD GIF HUNT: violence/aggression/threat

under the cut are a bunch of gifs i’ve collected that could pertain to (mostly jokingly) violent, aggressive/passive aggressive and threatening characters that should all be approx 160x160px in dimension, perfect for rp…

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who’s cheer captain now bitch


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And to the fella over there with the hella good bread
Won’t you come on over baby we could bake, bake

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Admin advice:

Every single time you turn down an applicant make the effort to write a kind, professional message to the applicant to tell them that you are very sorry to tell them that they didn’t make the cut, and then explain why they didn’t. I know it is super uncomfortable, and it is one of the worst things about being an admin, but it is also one of the biggest responsibilities, for a number of reasons:

  • If you chose another applicant simply because the other one was better, maybe the one you turned down would like to apply for another character.
  • You will help the applicant improve their writing and their characterization.
  • It will make the applicant feel that the time and energy they put into their application hasn’t been wasted.
  • It will make you more professional and give you more experience in tackling complicated issues because they will come up.
  • It will save the applicant the wondering about why they weren’t good enough to your RP.

No matter if you have been RPing for three months or three years you have probably been in the situation yourself. Applying for an RP, been super excited, spent hours on your application, updated every few second just to see they updated the app count, researched the necessary for your chosen character - and then it happens. The accepted post goes up and you feel like you are slapped in the face, because it is not your name.

To write the not accepted applicant actually won’t take much of you, or your time. You can always a pre-written message in the draft that you fix to fit the individual. A message like this could be:

Hi. Thank you so much for your interest in our RP. We read through all of the applications and weighed pros and cons for a long time. Unfortunately we have to tell you that we chose to go with someone else. Your application was very good, and we were happy to see that you put so much weight on [something] in the bio. However, we found that [something] didn’t really fit with the vision we have for this character. However, we were so thrilled with your great writing that we would love to see you apply for another of our characters. If you have any questions, concerns or comments you are more than welcome to send these to us. Again, thank you so much for your interest, and your time and effort.

A message as such shows that you actually spent the time to read it through, and that you are open to cooperate rather than dictate. It also makes the applicant feel like you didn’t just dismiss their application, and that you are aware that it is an actual human being on the other side of the screen.

As admin it is important to be professional and kind to everyone. Even people you haven’t accepted - the people you accept into your group are not the only people that matters and are impressionable by your demeanor.

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when you like the original album cover more but have to get the deluxe version bc of the bonus tracks


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Dear fat girls wearing crop tops: please. Continue. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. You’re so fucking cute!!! You look absolutely fabulous, if I might add, and your self worth isn’t determined on how men see you.

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No one.

No one.

EVER has a right to touch you if you don’t want to be touched.

Not your husband. Not your fiance. Not your boyfriend. Not your partner. Not your friends. Not even your own family.

You are a person and your body is your own. And it’s a privilege if you allow someone to touch it.

A god damn privilege that can be snatched up and you don’t owe anyone a reason but that it’s your body and only YOUR body.

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